NOBTS, Day 2

31 Jan

Day two of the New Orleans adventure. It began with a brisk 6am walk in 42 degree weather. I had to get my exercise in early, because I knew once this day began I would not be able. The walk was great. I smelled the coffee from the roasting facility on the Industrial Canal beside the seminary, and it smelled great. I walked the same roads I used to walk when I exercised here and when I walked to and from class years ago. The sidewalks are new, but the place is much the same. It was an emotional time for me.

Construction forced me to walk across the old tennis courts and to my old street. On the tennis courts, I remembered the times when Daniel Herringa and I would go out there and “play” tennis. I put that in quotes because we would go out there, hit the ball, and laugh at each other for a couple of hours. Out loud, I slipped and said “Daniel was sooo retarded.” Sorry, Dan. You are STILL my favorite preacher. We would watch some of our professors playing serious hardball, as if they were preparing for Pete Sampras. We thought they were a bunch of old men . . . (Now I find myself to BE their age). We would watch Garry Harper play with them and beat them all. Harper never would play with us, but he DID laugh at us.

Then I walked up Iroquois Street. We lived in a States Apartment building at 4433 Iroquois. There was a States Apartment for every US State that has a Baptist Convention. We lived in the Texas apartment building. Those have been demolished now, and there are no States buildings anymore. I noticed all kinds of names on the new buildings, but no states. Then I saw it . . . a HUGE 4433 on the front of the building. I was encouraged. Then I looked a little closer and saw the name of that building: TEXAS. I don’t know why that building got its old states name, and I don’t care. it brought a lump into my throat and a tear to my eye.

Since then, I have been in the Student Center waiting for my meeting that begins soon. I have seen a lot of old friends, and even made a couple of new ones. If I had to leave right now, I already know what God was doing when He sent me here. I thought I was drafted into this SC NOBTS because it was my turn. As it turns out, God KNEW with all I have been facing lately, I NEEDED THIS. I knew that this morning as I walked.

God knew it in November when He made this happen.

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