God is FULL of miracles

21 Mar

Today, Ed and I visited with Opal Williams. Opal is a saint of all saints and a tremendous prayer warrior at our church. However, three weeks ago, Opal had a massive brain hemmorage. Life has significantly changed for her. She has gone from having hours to live, to a few days, to ten days, to only God knows for sure! She was not responsive, but has slowly become more responsive. She has moments where she recognizes and even talks to folks. The bright eyes and gentle grin I saw today was truly a miracle! Doctors still do not hold out much hope for long-term recovery, but I know her family would never trade the bonus days they have had with her.

Tonight my phone rang. Another miracle. My friend, Marty Hilburn was on the line (many Ebenezer folks know him from his running the church softball league at Ebenezer Park). A few weeks ago, Marty asked me and a number of other representatives from churches in our league to pray for him. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was going to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He got a phone call late today from his doctor up there, telling him that his surgery is CANCELED!!! He does NOT HAVE CANCER! Their pathology showed NO CANCER WHATSOEVER! Marty told me he turned it over to God, and cannot explain this other than a MIRACLE!

God is awesome, and He is at work doing MIRACLES every day!!!

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