You learn something new everyday . . .

21 Mar

Today I learned that M.R. “Buck” Buxton, long time member of Ebenezer, was born and partially raised in Plymouth, England. Buck was telling me today about the ship his father served on with the Royal Navy in WWII. His dad died on that ship. He told me about how the Nazis bombed their town like clockwork, recounting how they would have to go to a bomb shelter day and night. How he used to play on the anti-aircraft guns as a kid (and the soldiers would LET THEM!!) At age ten, he moved from Plymouth to Florence and has been here ever since. I had a fun visit.

Buck has been my friend since I moved here. He used to work at Lowes, and when he was on duty I knew I would get good help (I wish it were like that now). Health helped him make the decision to retire, and now his lungs are giving him fits. But he can still laugh. That is his trademark. I would know he was in Lowes when I heard that big ole’ laugh. I heard it again today, and it was good to hear.

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