The importance of Theology

23 Mar

Theology . . . Literally a “word about God.” What do YOU believe about God? Do you really know what you believe and WHY you believe it? Will you ever have to DEFEND it? We all should know what we believe and why . . .

We were talking about this in CLC yesterday. Got some interesting “definitions” of theology, too. These kids are sharp and came up with some logical answers to a word they had barely (if ever) heard.

But, if YOU were put in a place where you had to defend your faith, COULD YOU?? Would you cave to questions and pressure, or would you be able to stand tall?? How can you prepare for such a time (and they DO come at the most unexpected times)??

KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND WHY . . . Think about it, talk about it, maybe even take a moment and write it down. But, let your beliefs flow from your heart and mind . . . Don’t just quote what you have heard at church. Know why you believe it and you can easily defend it.

Because, you WILL have to defend it eventually.

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