One of the tough sides of being the Church

22 Mar

Is Ebenezer Baptist Church a business or a ministry?? The perpetual question for every church. Some would valiantly argue that we are a MINISTRY. Everything we do had better glorify God and build His kingdom. Otherwise, we are little better than a club. Others would argue that we are a business. Where there are some that just see things for ministry value, others just see money. And the bottom line of Ebenezer is in the church checkbook balance and on the financial report.

Well, which is it??

Have I kept you in suspense long enough?? There IS an answer, and it makes sense . . .

It is BOTH. There is a business aspect of Ebenezer . . . We have to pay our bills. It does take capital resources to operate. We do need to be good stewards of what God has given us, both as a church AND as individuals.

How do we deal with these two aspects, that seem to oppose each other?? We must keep BOTH in mind when looking at what God is doing at EBC. We must be faithful to God in our obedience and in our stewardship. Our willingness to obey Him will directly impact what He does with US!! We cannot approach giving our tithes and offerings with the same mindset of purchasing stocks or investing . . . Our minds cannot comprehend what God is doing on the ministry end. We need to trust Him a little more and stop looking at ourselves so much.

Pray for our church, that we will have true faith and follow Him the way we should.

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