Be careful of your heroes

28 Mar

The Pat Tillman Friendly Fire case is receiving a lot of airtime on all national networks . . . Did the Army cover it up?? Did they suppress evidence and/or withhold the truth from his family? If you read the account, it is unfortunate and tragic.

Pat Tillman was an NFL star who left it all to enlist after September 11. The press made a tremendous deal about the fact that he left a career of millions to serve his country. It is touching and patriotic. Everything his unit says about him tells us he was the real deal and this was not a publicity stunt.

In April of 2004 he was in a convoy that was attacked. To make a long story short, he took several bullets protecting another soldier in his unit. He literally stepped into the path to save his comrade’s life. It is a touching story with one shortfall: Those closest to him talk repeatedly about his feelings about religion. At his funeral, his younger brother came to the podium and said “Pat is not with God. He is ******** dead.”

Pat Tillman did something heroic, and of that there is no question. But he was a man, just the same as any of us. He struggled with his relationship (or lack of it) with God. He was the victim of a tragedy. May God have mercy on him.

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