Hey Mr David!!

30 Mar

I love to hear that! It usually means that a kid I know (through the church or through coaching) sees me and wants to say hello! Or, at kid at church has a significant revelation they want to share with me. Either way, I love it.

This morning I had to go into school with Drew to get his drum that he left yesterday. Coming back out, four Ebenezer girls came walking up the walk and they all yelled it. I responded, “Do I know you guys??” They all replied “YES!!!” They were glad to see me. It is funny, because when they get to Sneed Middle School next year, they will cover their faces and run when they see me. It is not cool to talk to your pastor in middle school. A couple of them hugged me and they went on in. And I thought about Sneed and was thankful that they will still talk to me right now.

I have pastored, youth pastored, and coached a lot of kids in my lifetime, and one thing I will tell you is this: “Hey, Mr David” means as much to me as anything I have ever heard. Church politics and ball park politics can really drive you nuts, but nothing can negate or replace the opportunities YOU have to impact kids. That is what it all really is about: The chance to make a difference.

Are YOU making a difference today???

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