The Beach Report

29 May

Last week was one of those amazing weeks to be down there . . . There were only a few people on the beach until Friday. Wednesday and Thursday were very windy. All of the days were cool. It was really great.

However, sometimes I find it hard to forget about things going on in Florence. One of the blessings and curses of the current electronic age is that I am way too easy to get, even on vacation. I always check my e-mail and have my cell phone. Most folks, if they know I am on vacation, are thoughtful enough to ONLY call in emergency. I wonder sometime if I REALLY want a vacation if I need to go far away. But, anyway . . .

Lots on the agenda for the next few weeks at Ebenezer. Vacation Bible School is coming up in a couple of weeks and the remainder of the summer is pretty busy. And I am thankful to be busy!! The alternative could be depressing . . .

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