How does evil reign in our world today??

30 May

The Bible has an answer for that . . .Evil WILL reign all around when good men and women REMAIN SILENT. When we get so caught up in our love of peace that we do not want to say anything, hoping a controversy will pass. When the good remain silent, evil does ALL the talking. And walking. And doing.

I read an e-mail this morning about Nazi Germany, specifically about a man who was NOT a Nazi, just a peace-loving German who awoke one day to realize the Nazis that he thought would fizzle and go away OWNED HIM. Sent him to a concentration camp. He lost EVERYTHING because he remained silent, because he thought they would go away. This e-mail was a call to “peace-loving Muslims” to speak up, before they fall into the same fate as this German.

I see several parallels around my world today. In fact, I have seen this truth lived out for years all around. I am not talking about the church, but in other areas of Florence in which I am involved. A few VOCAL people develop an agenda (usually a selfish one) and it somehow happens because NO ONE WILL SPEAK UP. NO ONE WILL STAND UP.

It is the old “squeaky wheel” philosophy. I have two answers to this issue . . . 1. SPEAK OUT WHEN YOU SEE IT, because we will all be held accountable one day. 2. Those who work their own agendas in life WILL be held accountable one day, too. God is a God of justice . . . He will have the final word in all of this!

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