Ed and Dave’s Bogus Journey

27 Jun

Fly Flo??? I THINK NOT. Have you ever arrived at the airport a little before 6am to find that your flight, which had about 30 people on it, was cancelled for no good reason?? Apparently the friendly folks at Delta do this more than a few times in a year at Florence. So, how do we get to Atlanta to catch our connection flight??? YOU DON’T. YOU WAIT UNTIL 2:50PM, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!

We offered to drive to the beach, Columbia, Charlotte, but there was NO LOGISTICAL WAY to get us to Los Angeles before 7:45 pm PDT (that is 10:45 in Florence). So, that is what we did, but Delta has not heard the end of this.

We lost half a day of the conference, our trip to see the Anaheim Angels, and we did not get supper last night until 1am Florence time because of rental car hassels (which worked out REAL well).

Pray for us! Because, today is a new day, and frankly Scarlett, it MUST be better.

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