Saddleback ’07, Day 2

27 Jun

Yes, thanks to the fine folks at Delta Airlines, there is NO DAY ONE posting.

I am sitting here, recovering from Erwin McManus this morning (he was awesome). There is a concert going on right now with several musicians that everyone seems to know (the only ones I recognize are the guitarist from American Idol, Sheila E., and Morris Chapman). This is one of the best jazz concerts I have ever heard.

So far, day 2 is going well. Lots of stuff, lots of ideas. I ran in to one of my former youth from Fairview Baptist Church in Greer, SC, today. Greg Atkinson was a skinny kid when I was at Fairview. Now he serves a church in Dallas and is here as a guest workshop leader. It was good to catch up with him.

As Sheila E. plays this massive drum solo, I think I will write about the rental car. After the frustrating day we had yesterday, we arrived and got our luggage. Went to the place where the Enterprise Car rental shuttle was supposed to pick us up. NO SHUTTLE. We saw multiple shuttles from other companies, but to Enterprise. After about 30 minutes, I called . . . They acted like I was an idiot and wondered if I was in the right place. I was. We were there so long a cop finally walked up and asked us if he could help us. We told him we were waiting for Enterprise, and he said there had been a lot of that happening today . . . He didn’t know why they were so slack, but advised us to go with another.

We had not prepaid or anything, so we did. The Hertz bus came up, Ed ran through the airport and jumped luggage to get it (okay, just kidding). The bus driver asked me to call ahead and make a reservation. I did, and here is what happened.

I stood in line forever, and when I finally got to an agent, he struck up a conversation with me. He wanted to know why we were in LA, and I told him about this conference. He asked me if we could take a Ford Taurus, and I asked him if that would made the rate go down. He said no, but he thought he could help with that, too.

After talking, finagling, hearing about how bad our day had been, he came up with this plan: He was able to reduce the initial rate for the car, AND get us a 20% discount. Now it would not cost any more than the one we reserved from Enterprise. After asking a couple of more questions, he asked me if I would mind taking a Lincoln Towncar at the SAME PRICE as the Taurus. I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! (Whaddya THINK I said)

After completing the paperwork, I thanked him and he said he had to take care of God’s people, because God was taking care of him. Then, Ed and I quietly slipped out to the parking lot (past several folks who were having to wait for cars), got into our bad ride, and continued the journey!!!!

I will tell you more later!

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