Saddleback, day 3

28 Jun

Did I thank the fine folks at Delta Airlines for global warming?? It IS all their fault, you know.

Anyway, day two is at a close and it was really enlightening. Not only was our worship awesome, there were key issues for Ebenezer that came out in my seminar and Ed heard some awesome testimonies from the “house band” of the day. The house band was an ensemble of jazz and pop music professionals that could wail like nobody’s business.

The picture above is the cream Lincoln Towncar that we have been cruising in for the last couple of days. See the previous blog for the story on it.

Last night we went down to Laguna Beach looking for a restaurant recommended by our resident Southern California expert, Jon Crowe. We somehow missed it, drove WAY south of it, and found it on our way back up the Pacific Coast Highway. IT LOOKED LIKE A HOLE IN THE WALL!! We thought terrible things about Jon, but being adventurous, we decided to try it anyway (remember, Ed and I USED to eat at the original House of Louie). The name of this place was Eva’s and its menu was Carribean cuisine. IT WAS AWESOME!! I had the roast duck with the mango salsa . . . Ed angrily lost his appetite. No, seriously, they DID have mango salsa. Ed said it was interesting, but was frowning when he said it.

The food really was good and I would go back. Thanks, Jon!!

More to come later . . .

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