Negativity . . . its not just for breakfast anymore

18 Sep

“Debbie Downer” was a character, portrayed by Rachael Dratch on SNL, that could find something negative to say NO MATTER HOW JOYOUS the occasion she was in. I always thought that sketch was really funny. I am starting to rethink my position.

I am increasingly puzzled by the negativity of a handful of God’s people . . . Sometimes I relate to Moses really well. And, when you think about negativity, you think about the two old codgers in the balcony of the Muppet Show, right?? WELL, not so fast . . . There are negative people in all age groups, making noise and poisoning the water for all!

YES, there are faults in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. YOU ARE NOT, EITHER. Once we all realize that, we will be a lot better off.

What can we do? REFUSE TO LISTEN. If someone comes to you with negative junk, send them to the object of their negativity. That is the ONLY way to stop it.

And, we need to stop it.

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