19 Sep

Justin called me on Monday, reminding me that “K-ville” was coming on Fox at 9. I was already watching one thing and taping another, so reluctantly chose not to watch. Fox replayed that pilot last night. WOW . . .

What would interest me or Justin in this? K-ville is a police drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans. In the pilot episode, they did a great job addressing the many of the stresses facing men, women, and children two years after Katrina. It will really make you think . . . It IS a typical Fox police drama, filmed in the “shaking camera” style (so you might want to take a Dramamine). But it was worth watching. And it might really open the eyes of those who see to what New Orleanians really face . . . Sure, it is fictional. But whoever is putting this one on seems to be doing a good job capturing life in the Big Easy.

Watch it if you get a chance!

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