In Pursuit of Relevance

24 Sep

What makes Ebenezer EBENEZER?? For almost 230 years, Ebenezer has not only existed, but made a difference in Florence. Why?? Certainly God put this church where it is, called different men and women to be a part of it, and laid a solid foundation for much to be built upon. Millions of times I have reminded you that Ebenezer is not an address or a set of buildings, but PEOPLE. People make Ebenezer what it is . . . (there is more — keep reading)

Will we continue? Will we reach the next generation?? Will we squander the resources God has given us and die right here??

The answers to all of these questions lie in our commitment, our pursuit of RELEVANCE. Will we be relevant? Will we relate to the community around us? Will we reach out to those who don’t know Christ of ALL GENERATIONS??

Well, will we? We Ebenezerites have to answer that one on our own . . .

What makes Ebenezer what it is?? SPECIFICALLY, PEOPLE who are FOLLOWING GOD!!! What brought this great church to this place? FOLLOWING GOD! Will we do it???

As for me and my house . . . well, you know the rest! How about you?

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