Eighteen Years Ago Today

21 Sep

Do you remember?? The ENTIRE state of SC was bracing for an infamous visitor known only to us as “Hugo.” It was this evening, eighteen years ago, that the eye of Hugo came ashore around McClellanville, SC. The impact was felt across the entire state. I remember being in my home in Easley and thinking the winds would lift my house a la “the Wizard of Oz.” It was unreal. No, it was too real.

The Lowcountry and the Pee Dee felt the most sting in South Carolina, although the Rock Hill / Charlotte area absorbed a hard hit from tornados. As did Camden. Let’s face it, this storm was brutal and hit us all.

Many times I have said it was not Katrina, but only because of our landscape. If we were in a bowl like New Orleans, it would have been as devastating.

Wikipedia quotes these thoughts from Gov. Carroll Campbell:

“There were about 3,000 tornados embedded within the hurricane, which accounts for extensive damage in some areas not within the path of the eyewall.”

“Enough timber was lost within South Carolina to build a home for every family in West Virginia.”

WOW . . . Don’t forget. Don’t ever forget. Where this is not a birthday we are likely to celebrate, we should NEVER forget.

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