Pizza Man

20 Dec

Last night at the youth Christmas party, Keith Pettigrew and I were sent on a pizza run. We had a house full of kids and not a lot of food. Dena called it in and we hit the road . . .

When we got there, we found a Papa Johns that was understaffed and several impatient people standing around. Our pizza order had about three minutes left so we stood there with everyone else. Phones were ringing off the hook, guys with flour all over them were answering, it was utter chaos. Then I saw our stack of pizza and the guy finally went back to get it.

BUT . . . One of the guys yelled at the cooks, “YOU SHORTED ME A CHEESE!” About a minute later, he came up front and told us they missed one pizza and it would be about five minutes.

In reality, five “pizza man” minutes is actually about TWELVE. In the mean time, almost all of the people in there with us are getting impatient, because they are getting their stuff at a snail’s pace.

The happy ending is, we finally got our pizza and got back to the youth house. The youth, of course, had ALREADY EATEN and were in their worship service. But a bunch of us adults had fresh, hot pizza. And when the kids finally got out, they had COLD pizza (and ate it up like crazy).

All in all, it was a very merry Christmas.

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