What do YOU want for Christmas?

21 Dec

WORLD PEACE . . . (Or, Whirrled Peas) That is what I told Krissy last night when she asked me the question. She pressed me on it, so I told her the yellow Hummer at Craig’s Used Cars (anyone who knows me KNOWS that is not true: I would stress out too much every time I pulled up to a gas pump)

What do YOU want for Christmas?? What would you say? I wonder what the most popular gift is this year . . . What is the really hot item that no one can find?? A few years ago it was Tickle-Me Elmo. People were paying big bucks for a little red dude that danced . .

The gifts of the first Christmas were powerful: SALVATION . . . Peace on earth, goodwill to men. A couple of years later, gold, frankencense, and myrrh were popular. But, seriously, if you could have ANYTHING you want for Christmas this year, what would it be??

Something to think about as we fight traffic, long lines, and the stress of the holiday . . .

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