Negativity can KILL a church

4 Sep

Have you ever been to a store, or on a quest to purchase something, and had a salesman say “You wouldn’t want to buy this WOULD YOU?”  If you did, you thought twice about it.  Most salespeople are trained to speak positively, speak supportively about their product, and de-emphasize the use of the word “dollar.”  A negative-talking salesperson is the quickest way to get rid of me.

Do YOU realize that people think about churches that way, too?  NOT that we are salesmen in any way, but when we speak positively about our church and about things that are going on in our church, it is contagious.  AND when we speak negatively about them, it is EVEN MORE contagious.
How can this be stopped?  I don’t know . . .  Because there will ALWAYS be someone who has nothing good to say, and there will always be things that are fodder for criticism.  Because the church is made up of PEOPLE, and PEOPLE are not PERFECT.  And your staff is definitely NOT PERFECT!
What can we do about this??
All we can do is THINK ABOUT WHAT WE SAY AND DO before we do them.  That is ALL!  If every person in the church tried their best, there would still be mistakes, but maybe we would all be a little less critical.  At least, I would like to hope so.
And, if we all would remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 7, which basically says “By the same measure YOU JUDGE, YOU WILL BE JUDGED,” maybe we should rethink what we say from time to time.  One day, we will all stand before the judgment seat . . .  Maybe that is enough said?

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