I knew I was in trouble when . . .

5 Sep

When we showed up to the Camden High stadium and had to walk through a METAL DETECTOR, I knew it would be an interesing evening. And it was. To make a long, painful story really short, the first half was tainted by so many bad calls, and they ALL went Camden’s way. TWO tds called back for holding . . . One other long run, same call . . . A “completed” pass by Camden that bounced two feet in front of the receiver before he trapped it on the ground (that happend right in front of us) and NONE of the officials wanted to make a call after it. They all just stared at each other for a few seconds and the head guy finally signalled it complete. And on the same drive, a pass interference call where two of our defensive backs collided and dropped an interception because the receiver pushed one of them into the other one as the ball got there, and the ref threw a flag and called it AGAINST US!! That call led to us going into the locker room in a 14-14 tie.

The second half was no better. I sure hope WF videos, and plans to send it to the SCHSF. There was no question we would have to beat Camden AS WELL AS five zebras. In the end, WE DID!! And a ninth grader, Justin Gainey, who is the JV kicker, was the difference in the game with a field goal and three extra points as we won. And some great kickoffs. Because of some team problems, he was pulled up and the weight of the whole world was placed squarely on him. AND HE HANDLED IT WELL. And we won, 24-20.

And, as we got out of dodge after the game was over, I understood why that metal detector was there and just hoped they made the fans on the other side of the field walk through one, too.

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