Geaux Saints!!!

8 Sep

I don’t watch TOO much NFL football. I am a much bigger college fan. But I found my self drawn into the Saints – Tampa Bay game yesterday. And it was a good game. New Orleans is a finicky city and the Saints have NEVER done too well. I would love to see them contend for a league championship. But that might be one of those things that is never meant to be.

I saw the Saints in the Superdome ONCE in my three years in the Crescent City. It was a Thursday night game against the Washington Redskins. A group of guys from the seminary got tickets and went down together. One of my buddies wore his Redskins cap (which we ALL knew was a mistake) and the funniest things happened to him. The funniest was how the two sweet little old ladies that sat behind us treated him once the game started. In SC, we THINK we know how to talk smack about sports. These were the sweetest little old ladies UNTIL KICKOFF. Then, they spent the next few hours TORMENTING Richard. And that in itself was FUNNY. And, of course, it was one of the few games New Orleans actually WON that year.

Yesterday I found myself really cheering for them and it was a good game. Not a fluke win, but a well-played game. I hope they have many more of those this year.

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