Things you can COUNT ON!!

19 Sep

There are several things in this life on which you can rely. They will come no matter what. Of course, death and taxes make that list. Let me add another: Discouragement.

If God’s people are doing what He wants them to do, the devil will ALWAYS be there to whisper little statements of discouragement to attempt to misdirect them. That is one of the things he does. One of his bread and butter moves. And men & women fall for it all of the time.

He will tell you that you cannot possibly do it. He will make the situation seem bleak, hopeless, and dark, and then tell you there is not enough light. He will make it terribly cold and tell you that it cannot possibly be heated. He will make the hill jagged, rough, and tall, and tell you it cannot be climbed. And when we look into ourselves and agree, he smiles.

We forget what Peter forgot as he walked on water to Jesus. We take our eyes off Jesus and look around at the wind and the waves and think “We cannot possibly be doing this.” And the devil smiles as we sink.

The mistake Peter made, and the mistake we make, is when we TAKE OUR EYES OFF JESUS. When we forget that sometimes the devil tells the truth: Sometimes we CANNOT make it . . . on our own. And Jesus stands by knowing that if we just trust Him, He will shed light on dark times; He will warm the coldest places; He will show us how to climb the most rugged terrain. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH HIM.

God often calls us to tasks that we cannot possibly do on our own, and He NEVER calls us to a task that He is not ready to help us complete!! He IS awesome! And THAT is the ULTIMATE THING you can count on!

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