Heavens to Murgatroid!!!

22 Sep

Why did I use this title for my blog?? I am not sure . . . I heard one of the SportsCenter guys say it on Saturday, and it reminded me of Snagglepuss (the old school cartoon). You might say I am a trivial person . . . My mind is like a vat of useless information. Diana hates playing Trivial Pursuit with me.

And on another note, MAN the Dallas Cowboys were clicking last night. And I am not a fan of the ‘Boys, but you’ve got to give it up for them: Their offense really looked good. Defense didn’t look too bad, either. My grandfather would have LOVED it.

And if Snagglepuss was here, he WOULD say Heavens to Murgatroid! I think I just complimented the Cowboys!! Somewhere, in Heaven, my grandfather is laughing about that.

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