A Hard Day & Night

25 Sep

Okay, one would think with my recent discovery that the days would get a little easier. But this is just a sign that God really IS looking out for me, because yesterday was significantly tougher than days before . . . It was kind of one of those “Murphy’s Law” days, but on MAJOR STERIODS. And to top it all off, knowing that I would have to get up at 5:30 to go cook prayer breakfast, I did not sleep much last night.

I was too hyped up for words. Have you ever been so tired you could not hold your eyes open, but so hyped up that you could not go to sleep?? Doesn’t happen to me often, but of ALL nights, it happened last night.

So I will go cook in just a few minutes and then I will walk through the day today like a zombie. And at 8 pm tonight, I will DROP. I hate days like this.

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