Trying something new

24 Sep

I am task-oriented. Have been that way all of my life. Ministry IS retraining me, because I cannot always (in fact, almost NEVER) break my day down into a group of tasks. One of the things about ministry is you NEVER know what is coming next. Ebenezer is especially that way.

I have also been guilty of taking too much small stuff on and not allowing those around me to learn anything. I have been caught too many times in the “it is easier to DO this than to train someone” trap. Tommy Dowling has scolded me over the years for that.

Yesterday, I REALLY did try something new. We needed some new network wiring, and I PRIDE myself in the fact that we support our own network. I have been slowly teaching Hooss about all of that. So yesterday, I turned him loose (HEHEHEH – I turned Hooss loose) on a pretty major network wiring project. And I left him alone . . . (Bill had to help him, because there was some major drilling and routing to be done). And I did not stand there, grab the drill, OR check on them every 30 minutes. I just left them alone.

HOURS later, I did check to see how they are doing. It thrilled my heart to see wires run, EXACTLY HOW AND WHERE I WANTED THEM. And a new feeling washed over me . . . I can actually turn this stuff over to them, do the PASTOR stuff that I need to and WANT to do, and THEY GET IT DONE!!!!


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