D-Day + 1

6 Oct

Well, I survived. We survived. I believe yesterday was the most significant day in the modern history of Ebenezer Baptist Church. All things considered, it was a positive day. Most of the people were either positive OR had no comment. ONE did say we need a lesson in economics. That was her only comment. After the sermon I preached, after the video about the thing, I wanted to reply “No, we need a lesson in faith.” But, like a good little boy, I just listened to her and smiled.

Jim (our consultant) has prepared us for the fact that we won’t win EVERYONE over. But to succeed, we must win MOST. In this day and age of economic instability and a rising cost of living, it really WILL take faith to accomplish this. And God is here, ready to walk every step with us.

To someone on the outside, it WILL seem crazy. But God is at work in this and the only SANE response for us is to JOIN HIM. Period.

Below is a link to the campaign video, in case you didn’t get to see it!

EBC H.O.W. Video

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