D-Day + 2

7 Oct

Hearts of Stone. That is what I believe it would take to NOT see what God is doing here. And, yet, there are some who do not see it and will not see it. I don’t know what motivates them (or DEmotivates them). I am stumped.

I know the economy is rough. I know the cost of living is going up. I know the cost of a gallon of gas is horrible (although I DID hear on the news last night that some stations are under $3.00, but I haven’t found that in Flotown yet).

I also know that God is leading us, and if we will only obey, He WILL PREVAIL!!! In the words of a very wise high school senior I know (very well), “God has got this.”

Be still and KNOW that He is God. That He is in control. That HE is in charge. Let’s let Him REALLY GET IT and look back one day and KNOW that it was Him and not us!!!!

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