D-Day + 3

8 Oct

Negative talk; I have heard very little of it. Sometimes I am the first to hear, and sometimes the last . . . So, I really don’t know what is going around out there right now. But I do know this: In a church of our size, there WILL be negatives. In fact, Jim Sanderson (our RSI consultant) says IF we are doing this right, we can EXPECT it!!

And, all I really want to do is ask people to PRAY! Get it out of their minds that this thing is about David Wike, or even Ebenezer. This is a GOD THING!! If not, we shouldn’t (and I would like to think WOULDN’T) be doing it!!

Like Peter, the wind and the waves are STILL in turmoil all around us. It would probably make sense to us to give up . . . But God hasn’t sent that memo yet!!

Be still and KNOW that HE is GOD!!!

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