D-Day + 5: Lots of room for faith

10 Oct

Yes, there is much room for faith. Stock markets across the world have fallen into a slide (or more of a black hole). We will soon be back in the stone ages, with Fred Flinstone cars (which DO NOT give off deadly carbon monoxide) and kitchen appliances made out of living animals (who speak to the camera when we are not around).

And, yet, God is still on His throne and there are STILL people in Florence (and in this world) that DO NOT KNOW CHRIST. And we STILL have a job to do. Put things into perspective, gird up your courage, and lets face this day KNOWING that He will lead us if we will only have faith and follow.

And then, do what I do . . DON’T LOOK at your retirement account and try to avoid as much news as possible!!!!! I call it my “head in the sand” strategy! (just kidding)

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