Time rolls on

13 Oct

As I looked out at the congregation at 11am yesterday, I wondered why the crowd was so small. Did people decide not to come because we ran so far over at 8:30? Are people already tired of hearing about the capital campaign?? (IT IS JUST WEEK TWO!) Was it just a coincidence?? Did I leave the iron on?? (Oops, I am drifting)

I DO know that Satan will do anything to distract us, to anger us, to cause problems for us because GOD IS DOING SOMETHING HERE. I also know that people love their money, and anytime we talk about something that involves great sacrifice, they don’t like it. They didn’t like it when the stock market was above 13,000 and they don’t like it now. But God is still on His throne and we still have a calling.

Time rolls on, and God is in control.

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