HOW is God at work here??

15 Oct

I could tell ten stories like this one, but check this out: A few weeks ago, our campaign consultant asked me to write a letter asking for stories of sacrifice. They are supposed to be powerful illustrations to use in sermon delivery. Okay, I did that and got about seven (out of 100) back.

ONE of the stories I received is from a lady in our church that I will not identify. She told this story of how as a little girl, her parents didn’t go to church. But a church was there and a big part of her life. How as a teenager, her family had to move a couple of times due to her father’s job. Once again, the church was there to make an unmistakable mark on her life. Then, as a young married adult, the church once again was there to make a difference that no one else could make. Why?? You will have to come on Sunday to really hear this story, but I promise it will make you think!!

God has this way of providing EXACTLY what I need at the right time in this thing. There is NO MISTAKING IT in my book . . . If it all ended tomorrow, I would walk away from here KNOWING that I’ve seen God at work UP CLOSE and it is AWESOME!!!!

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