What does a pastor have in common with a Clemson football coach??

14 Oct

As you guessed, I hate that Tommy Bowden is no longer a Tiger. True, the guys have NOT been motivated this year. True, I had stopped defending him. I’ve never been real crazy about the way we South Carolinians treat our football coaches. But life is life and football is football. Forget about the fact that he is a Christian in MORE than name, he has great integrity, and has been criticized for suggesting to his players that a real relationship with God could make a difference in their lives.

So, in honor of Tommy, here is my list of the top ten things a pastor and an SC college football coach have in common:

10. Everything that happens is HIS FAULT.
9. If the players are not doing their job, it is HIS FAULT.
8. He has to be nice to EVERYONE no matter how many knives they might put into his back.
7. He is expected to know EVERYONE who is ANYONE at his school, no matter how infrequently they might come to see him!!!
6. His family is expected to live up to the same impossible expectations imposed on him.
5. Everything that happens is HIS FAULT.
4. His results are not measured by the difference he made in the life of the school or his players . . . His results all come down to numbers.
3. He is expected to be the perfect coach, the perfect recruiter, the perfect fundraiser, and just plain PERFECT.
2. If a player makes the big gamewinning play, he is the hero. If not, the coach is the goat.
1. Did I mention that everything that happens is HIS FAULT??

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