Settling down

17 Oct

Is the pressure easing up?? Yes, a little. As surely as I write this, someone somewhere is developing something that will absolutely blow my mind, so I will regret writing this. But this week has been a little easier.

I went out to the Kenney Boone for Sheriff party last night at ESAB. Kenney is a good man, a friend, and the best sheriff Florence County could possibly have. One of the things I most respect about Kenney is that he has brought county law enforcement into the 21st century. Those guys are pulling tons of drugs off I-95, so much that he is not only making Florence County a safer place, he is impacting our nation. I love it.

I also love it that he has a Facebook page and a powerful video on Youtube. He is willing to use technology in the fight, too. In my book, that’s pretty cool.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are still moving forward. Still trusting with faith. Some are weary and some are WARY of the economy. TRUST GOD. He has a plan that will build His kingdom and glorify Him.

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