20 Oct

It sets in and slows us down. It causes teams to lose momentum. It causes churches to fall into disrepair. It is real, and we CANNOT let it set in (and I am not just talking about Ebenezer).

But, Ebenezer NEEDS to wake up and listen. This is a most difficult time in our nation’s history and a vital time in the history of our church. Satan is giving us every reason NOT to open our hearts and our wallets to what God is doing. And some are taking the bait. I can see it in their eyes (or their lack of eye contact). I can see it in how they lack enthusiasm. As if they are waiting for this thing to pass over and things to get back to normal. News for all of us: THINGS WILL NEVER BE NORMAL AGAIN.

The cat is out of the bag: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS, GOD HAS THROWN DOWN A CHALLENGE TO US TO GET BUSY AND REACH THE LOST. And if we do not, He WILL raise up another to do it. And we will pass into the shadows . . .

Whether we build or not, we HAVE TO MEET THIS CHALLENGE. If not, we become nothing more than a social club.

Is that what you REALLY want to happen to Ebenezer?

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