Why we do what we do

22 Oct

As I was on my daily journey on the elliptical machine at the Y, (or maybe it was on the exercise bike) I saw a commercial for a new video game . . . A footbal game. Lawrence Taylor was speaking (almost preaching) as he made statements like “when everyone else goes to church, we go to work” and “while they pray for salvation, we play for survival.” Okay, no problems so far. Then, he went down the road . . . THIS IS OUR RELIGION . . .THIS IS OUR CATHEDRAL . . . JUDGMENT DAY IS COMING. (And on and on)

Just reminds me there is a cultural element in our world today that will equate whatever their passion might be . . . INTO THEIR god. A new age principle that states “you are your own god” would lead us to believe that whatever captures our heart IS our god. Sounds all nice, neat, and politically correct. The major problem here is that OUR HEARTS ARE IMPERFECT. Our nature is to want OUR WAY. So, if everyone is their own god, WHO IS RIGHT?? Because we can’t seem to agree on ANYTHING lately here on the 3rd rock from the Sun.

And, NONE OF THIS HOLDS ANY WATER. There is ONE GOD, and He commands that we have no other gods. PERIOD. We cannot serve both God and the world.

Who will YOU serve today?

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