Our Convenience

21 Oct

Is that why God is part of our lives? Is that why Jesus Christ died a horrible death on a cross over 2000 years ago? So we could have our convenience? So we could be COMFORTABLE?

There are some who DO NOT feel that way. They do NOT take forgranted the sacrifice of Christ. They handle His Word with the utmost respect and care. They revere His house and truly love His people. They even love those who do not know Him.

Then, there are some who DO feel this way. Being part of the Body of Christ is a matter of convenience. They quote His holy scripture when it suits their purposes, many times twisting its meaning to fit their stance. They speak with a holy language as if to prove they know what the words mean and know how to use them, but their talk is merely the sounding gong Paul spoke of in I Corinthians 13. The truth is, they have NO RELATIONSHIP with Christ, other than one “on paper” as a listed member of a local congregation.

And, BOTH types of people will stand before a Holy God one day. Jesus told us He will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep will be those who OBEYED. The goats will be those who DID NOT. As simple as that.

Which will YOU be?

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