Life: Full of ups and downs

24 Oct

I don’t like rollercoasters. Funny that a rollercoaster is such a great analogy of life, because I LOVE life.

Have you ever really thought about it? Life is kind of like a rollercoaster. You start out on this big hill . . . Education. Slowly and methodically it pulls you up . . . CLICK CLICK CLICK . . . You get to the peak on seem to be on top of the world. Have the entire Earth beneath you. There is nothing you cannot do.

WHOOOOSH! Down a sharp hill and around a corner. Life hits you so fast it makes your head spin. Up a small hill . . . Suddenly, it all drops out beneath you. Another sharp turn, flipped upside down, and then a big, steep curve.

You get the idea, right?? Life is full of so many dramatic turns. Some of them you see coming down the track . . . Some of them hit you and you never even knew they were there. Many of them alter your course in ways you never anticipated.

And before you know it, the ride is over.

I don’t like rollercoasters, but I want this one to run for a LOOOOOOOONG time.

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