Good to be in Greenville

25 Oct

Yesterday we made a campus visit to USC Upstate. Not exactly what we had hoped for . . . We tried to visit Anderson, but they couldn’t fit us into their schedule. (Ironically, Anderson is not at the top of Krissy’s list and I told them if they want her, they really have to woo her.) So until early this evening, time with the families.

Time with my family usually involves fixing something. My dad has been an HVAC mechanic all of his working life. Today an old friend called with a problem on a boiler. I went with him and we got it fixed . . . It has been a LOOOOONG time since I had heater oil on my hands. It is hard to wash off. It is there right now. Reminds me of my childhood. Of my dads’ hands when I was a kid. The smell of it brings back so many memories.

With the nature of my occupation, I really don’t get to come up here enough. Sometimes people take forgranted the sacrifices ministers make to serve on their fields. They just expect us to be on call 24/7 and sometimes get angry when we are not. (One that really blows my mind is the number of people who call the office on SATURDAY and then make remarks to me on Sunday about no one being there to answer the phone!!!!) Many of my friends in Florence are very near to their parents and see them often. Not so for us. Sometimes that makes things tough.

(For the record, I AM in the office or out visiting or studying Monday through Thursday. Friday is my day off, on which I ususally only do church work for an hour or two, and Saturdays are much like Fridays. And that is ONLY if someone doesn’t have an emergency or something is cooking that requires me to spend hours on the phone. Sometimes I wonder how long I can keep it up.)

But, anyway. Those are just my ramblings. For now, it is good to be in Greenville.

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