Next Stop, Commitment Sunday

30 Oct

The TENT stays up!! At least for another week and a half! Yep, we are planning on a combined worship service in the tent. It will seat 1100 . . . I am hoping we fill it up!

Last night was so cool . . . Words cannot express it. I am thankful to the Family Enrichment Team for all they did to make it happen. There are so many people to thank, I would leave someone out and it would shut the WWW down. All things considered, it was the BEST I have seen at EBC. And it was my 14th Fall Festival.

Now, the train pulls out of that station and heads for November 9th. Many things will happen between now and then. May God bless the work His people are doing for Him!!!!

(PS – I went to the FF in a Timbo McRae costume. But I had to put the mask up, because it was scaring too many little kids)

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