Vote your HEART

3 Nov

Tomorrow is a pivotal day in the history of the United States. We step in the voting booth and choose our next president. As usual, the press claims one candidate is far above the other in polls. In the last few presidential elections, that has been said and isn’t always the case come election day. Sometimes I wonder if that is ANOTHER way they try to sway us. There is no doubt most of the press in America operates under the guise of being unbiased, but if you never believed that before today, you KNOW after this race that is not true.

As citizens in a democracy, the best thing we can do is VOTE. Vote what we believe to be right and true. This year there is much distrust of the system with claims of voter fraud running rampant. Who knows WHAT will happen tomorrow??

Let me assure you that GOD KNOWS. And, God is still on His throne. And He is still in control. REGARDLESS of which candidate is elected, or which party gains control.

Take courage, CHRISTIAN!! God is in control! So go, vote your heart, and trust Him for the rest!

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