Hard times ahead???

4 Nov

The presidential election is today, along with other important elections. One of which is the race for Florence County Sheriff, which pits Kenney Boone (the incumbant) against Jimmy Gregg (Kenney’s predecessor). Interesting race, to say the least.

Kenney has done much to clean up Florence County, including areas which his predecessor would not touch. Areas that have been found to be overcome with organized crime and gang activity. Kenney has also worked hard to modernize the FCSO’s approach to crime prevention and investigation. Kenney has pulled MILLIONS of dollars worth of drugs off I-95, not only making a difference for us but also for everyone NORTH of here where those drugs were headed. For me, this race is a no-brainer. Kenney is the man for the job!

But as we get all tangled up today and tonight in the election results, and as whatever happens to the stock market happens, and whatever celebration / angry mob action happens afterward, the truth is WE CONTROL if there are hard times ahead by how WE REACT to these races!!! YES, whether Obama or McCain are elected, the reaction WE HAVE will determine much about the future and about whether or not we have HARD TIMES!!

So, get out and vote today! Voter turnout is typically lower on a rainy day. DON’T LET YOUR CANDIDATES DOWN! And, whatever happens, remember that God is STILL on His throne!

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