Big Decisions

17 Nov

We face them everyday. Some decisions are much more weighty than others, but we ALL face big decisions in life. We will face them in the near future, both as individuals and as a church.

What do we do?? Do we do what WE WANT?? That will often get us into more trouble than we can handle. The move to do what we want will often satisfy the urge of the moment, but what will it do to us in the long haul??

Do we do what we think is RIGHT?? Often a good choice, but again we are imperfect. We are finite beings who, at best, can only see the moment ahead. We think we can see into the future, we follow gut feelings, but it is a chance at best.

What do we do?? We do what I talked to a young friend about yesterday . . . As we sat with her mom in my office and talked about her accepting Christ as Savior, I reminder her that GOD WILL HELP US. When we ask Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord, it really DOES mean Lord. He WANTS to be a part of our big decisions. SO IT IS WITH US NOW, as individuals and as a church.

So, DON’T STOP PRAYING NOW. God has a plan!!!

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