How good are YOU at YOUR JOB???

18 Nov

I am so good at what I do . . . You know, one of the old wives’ tales about being a pastor is that it is my job to make people mad. I don’t like doing it, but it does happen. Actually, it is not as much as a wives’ tale as you might think.

But I am SO GOOD at doing it that I have people from OTHER CHURCHES in OTHER DENOMINATIONS that hate me!! Yep, due to church basketball at EBC, there are people (technically church STAFF members from other churches in Florence) who curse my name! Who call me things that I cannot write on this blog! Now, to be honest, it was done in a cowardly way . . . Certainly not to me, but to one of our staff. In the words of my good buddy Wes, “Nice!”

Am I happy about it??? No, but I figure we will ALL stand before a just and righteous God one day. He will handle it. But I do think it is sad that something that should be innocent, like church basketball, can become such an idol to some people that it would drive them to say and do things that are clearly ungodly. I was talking to a child this week about accepting Christ and we were talking about how sometimes good things can cause us to sin. Case and point.

So, you never knew your church staff put up with stuff like this, huh???

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