Household project

5 Dec

Yesterday I took a day off. I have vacation time that I will lose on Dec 31st, so I have planned to take a day here and there before the end of the year. However, there was a purpose for yesterday — A leaking toilet in our half-bath!!! FUN!! The toilet has apparently leaked since the flange was cracked on installation TEN YEARS AGO when the house was built. And, the wax seal didn’t seal. And the floor and subfloor was rotten.

Thanks to Olin Bullock (helping me with another situation like this five years ago), I knew what do to. I pulled the toilet, cut out the rotten wood, built a little more joist support for the patch, put in the subfloor, cut and replaced the flange, and then replaced the top floor. I am now waiting to finish painting the bathroom before installing the final floor covering.

Today, sanding, priming, painting, flooring, and if I get ALL of that done, I get to CAREFULLY seat the toilet back on the flange, paying careful attention to the wax seal.

Okay, if Ebenezer runs me off, I could do more than computer work.

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