More Household Project

8 Dec

The walls really proved to be more of a problem than I anticipated. When you hang wallpaper on unprimed drywall, you REALLY are hanging it there for life. The problem is, when it starts delaminating and aging in a bathroom, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to remove. I mean, it WILL come off, but it brings part of the drywall with it!!

Then, you have to work and work to get a wall that looks halfway decent. And when you paint it with the kitchen/bathroom paint they recommend at Lowes, it brings out EVERY flaw even though it is semi-gloss.

In the words of Charlie Brown, GOOD GRIEF!!! Hopefully I will be able to finish everything after work tonight and get that thing put back together!! My guests are tired of having to go hide in the backyard to use the restroom!!!!

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