Playing games with God

12 Dec

This week, as happens many weeks, I was in a discussion about life and choices with someone when I heard the usual answer about living with sin . . . Yeah, this one KNOWS he is living a sinful life and what he told me shakes me to the core, because so many “Christians” buy into this.

“I am just doin what everyone else is doin. This is the one area of my life that I am protecting from God, that I am not giving to Him. I am doing it because I want to do it, and I don’t give a s*** what anybody around here thinks about it.” (Consequently, when we don’t give a durn about what anybody thinks, we are ALSO saying we don’t give a durn about what GOD thinks.)

Oh yeah, I feel a sermon coming . . . But the short answer is that sin will RULE us and RUIN us. Yes, we are all imperfect. But if we choose to live in sin, we are giving the victory to Satan. Paul spoke much in his letters of running the good race, of fighting the good fight. Both he and James wrote of the discipline a Christian must live . . . WE HAVE TO FIGHT SIN IN OUR LIVES EVERY DAY. When we give up that fight, even in ONE area of our lives, our lives become USELESS to the Kingdom of God.

God does not desire 90% of our lives . . . HE DESIRES 100%!!! Anything less just won’t do.

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