On the OUTSIDE looking IN . . .

16 Dec

There are people on our periphery who ARE on the outside looking in. In the world that is our church (as is EVERY church), that is true. I am NOT writing of those who are purposefully kept outside. IN A CHURCH THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. No, there are people who are almost connected to Ebenezer that see enough about us to know us, and yet are not part of us. I wonder what they see?

They see good things happening. Certainly they do. They hear the buzz about what God is doing, and I pray it brings them in closer and hopefully is what helps them cross the line and come inside. THAT IS WHY WE EXIST, right??? And my prayer is that God is drawing new members in!

They also see the bad things. Hear the rumors. See the baggage. Smell the foul odors. And sometimes they even feel the pain. And some of that is what KEEPS them on the outside. That is a fact.

Okay, the truth is, there will always be some who are on the outside looking in. And when they see the good things about us, that is usually GOD. And when they see the bad stuff, that is always US.

What are they seeing right now??

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