Santa Claus is coming . . . And has already been here

17 Dec

Richard McCabe tells a great Santa Claus story from this weekend. Not the usual funny story that Richard is famous for . . . One that will tear your heart out. If you know Richard, ask him about it.

If I could interview ole St Nick, I wonder what he would say about children today. I bet he would tell us that children are very honest with him when they share their Christmas wishes. And don’t believe those wishes are always the most expensive toys, or wishes that would amount to greed if they came out of the mouth of an adult. Sometimes children today wish for things like peace on Earth, or at least peace in their home. Sometimes they wish for separated parents to reunite, or a wayward parent or sibling to come home. Children are not as greedy and selfish as the world paints them.

Sometimes we need to open our eyes and ears and really see and hear what our children want . . . What they really want. Many times those things are not found in a store at all.

What will you give your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews this Christmas????

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