Holiday Struggles

18 Dec

Hard to believe in such a joyous time of the year that there could be intense pressure . . . RIGHT?? And I am NOT writing about the pressure to find the right gift, or to finish all of the shopping and preparations for holiday festivities. Yes, those can bring pressure, but not like some of those below . . .

One difficulty of the Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons is the heartache of facing that first holiday without a specific loved one . . . Maybe due to death, divorce, or some other type of separation. Families struggle with painful memories during this time and the holiday itself, along with special, traditional activities at church and in the community can be stressful and emotional.

Another struggle in this season comes when families have internal strife. When families are not getting along for one reason or another. This can bring great stress and consternation to all involved, even when two family members are not in agreement with each other.

ANOTHER struggle, intensified this year, is the financial struggle. Let’s face it: Our economy is not great right now, and many of us feel obligated to maintain our Christmas giving at a certain level, perhaps a level easier to achieve in years past. The strain will be felt all along the economic food chain.

What can we do?? USE COMMON SENSE. Be on the lookout for those who are hurting, struggling, and trust God to lead you in what to do. Sometimes all you can do is pray, and that is ALOT. FOLLOW GOD and He will help you help them. ALSO, use common sense this year in your Christmas giving.

If each of us tries, we will ALL make a difference.

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