Brrr …

23 Dec

Its about time!! It was supposed to get down to 20 or so last night. I don’t think it did, not that I would know. But it is COLD!! Christmas is REALLY HERE!! Will we have a white Christmas?? Only if I stand on the roof and shake potato flakes out of a box as my kids get up on Thursday, but I guess I COULD …

As we move closer to our wonderful holiday, remember there are many in need this holiday season. We’ve received a record number of phone calls this year, and there are more to come. There are many people in our region who need help. Are you willing??

Also, we cannot forget our soldiers around the world who protect the freedoms we enjoy day-in and day-out. Some of them stand posts in weather MUCH COLDER than 20 degrees. They sacrifice time with their families, their homes, and the comforts only provided by freedom. They make these sacrifices so WE can enjoy them. PRAY for our men and women of the armed forces as you enjoy this most sacred holiday.

If we would all work for peace on earth, maybe they could be HOME next Christmas!

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